Get your goods from Thailand. Have your own personal Buying Agent in Thailand. With our experience of more than 17 years in Thailand, we are in a position to buy the local products at the most favorable prices for our customers. Our services are reliable, cost effective and related to European standards. Packing and transport can be arranged.

Garden of Asia is located in Chiang Mai Thailand. Chiang Mai is a real garden of goods “Made in Thailand”.
All published items on this website can get ordered with our buying service. You will get a strong, friendly and reliable partner for your business.

Normally it is not very easy to order from Thailand. But with the “Garden of Asia” support

  • you will get the most reliable suppliers from Northern Thailand,
  • you will have your own personal purchase agent in Thailand,
  • you will get an experienced quality control for your goods,
  • you will get a professional support for packing and transport of your goods to your destination.

…no matter if you want to equip your restaurant, your coffee shop, you hotel, guesthouse or private home. We can supply it with our selected manufacturers.

Have your personal purchase agent in Thailand to select from a wide range of amazing goods from Thailand at reasonable prices.

Products ready for order: Asian pavilions, wall art – wood carvings, solid wood doors, stonewood sleepers, antique urns, …

Asian Pavilions
Thailand pottery
Thai antique style pottery
Stonewood sleepers
Ganesha sandstone jigsaw wall
Sandstone wall art
Vietnamese fiberware planters
Vietnamese fibreware planters
Thai wood carved doors
Solid wood doors
Thai wood carving art

Amazing steel art

Furniture and equipment for castles, palaces, mansions, chateaus, exclusive private homes.
Antiquities and new made items (antique style)!
Products ready for order: Royal teak furniture, antique portals and doors, antique furniture, special castle equipment (wooden cannons, wooden horses, metal horses, old chests…).

GA old portals
Old massive portals
GA royal dining set 5283DST32
Royal dining sets
GA metal art_01
Steel art - knight
Wooden horse
Wooden horses