Selected Furniture from Thailand

Get your special furniture from the best manufacturers from North Thailand.

Modern wood furniture

Get for example huge tables and give your office, conference room, dining room… a special natural atmosphere. Get unique wood furniture style.
Modern wood furniture selection

Reclaimed wood furniture

Another impressive furniture style from Thailand is made from reclaimed-wood. It is furniture with a combination of recycled wood and modern materials. If you love wood you will love the style. You can get bar furniture, coffee shop furniture, dining furniture, living room furniture, private home furniture… .
Reclaimed wood furniture selection

Vintage wood furniture

If you prefer to get vintage furniture from Thailand. We have the manufacturer for you. The vintage style is a more traditional and heavy wood style with furniture mainly made from heavy wood. Vintage wood furniture selection

Wood doors

There is a long tradition in making solid wooden doors in Thailand. We have the manufacturer for you who makes teak doors in a long family tradition. There is a large selection of traditional and modern wooden styles that you can order with our support.
Wood doors selection