Q: What are your services?

A: Please have a look here: List of services

Q: Is it possible to order single pieces?

A: We have a minimum order value policy. The minimum order value of your goods is 40000 Thai Baht. It is possible to order different products but the total value of your goods should be minimum 40000 Thai Baht. For actual exchange rates please use the currency converter below.

Q: Are small orders from Thailand cost-effective

A: No, if you order for business reasons. Please be informed that often a freight volume of 10 CBM is already nearly as expensive as FCL (full container load) with a 20 ft container. In a 20 ft container you can load around 27 CBM.

Q: Are the goods from your website in stock?

A: Most items are not in stock. The average lead time is 4 – 6 weeks after the deposit payment (50 %) to the supplier. We make your payment to the supplier. Of course you will get a receipt for every payment.

Q: Who is the buyer?

A: You are the buyer. Your company name or personal name will be in all invoices. We do the purchasing service for you. You will get all down-payment receipts and payment receipts to your consideration.

Q: What is your fee or charge for your services

A: The buying agent fees are as follows:

 Purchase Value


USD 5,000 – 20,000 


USD 20,001 – 50,000 


over USD 50,000 



 Purchase Value


THB 200000 – 500000


THB 500001 – 1000000 


over THB 1000000  


Q: Will you control the manufacturing process

A: Of course. Controlling is provided regularly and you will get a detailed picture report when your products are finished.

Q: Can you organize the packaging and shipping to other countries.

A: Yes, with reliable and selected shipping companies. You can get your goods delivered to Bangkok and organize your shipping from Bangkok to your country by yourself or you can get your products sent to your preferred destination harbour. By door service is not recommendable because it is too expensive to organize that from Thailand for your country. You can much easier and cheaper organize that with an experienced freight forwarder in your country. They should also be able to arrange the import process and customs regulations for you. We could for example send all original freight papers to them with the Thai shipping company. So this 2 companies could handle all necessary paper work and export/import procedures for you.

Q: Is it possible for me as a private person (not a company) to order from Thailand.

A: Of course, it is possible with our support but it is not easy for a beginner to understand the partly difficult regulations for export and import. We can arrange everything for you on our side (in Thailand). We purchase only legal goods!! for you and products that are allowed to export from Thailand. We can not know the import regulations in all countries in the world. So we recommend you to use a professional logistics company in your country, which can answer your import questions and handle the import for you.

Q: Do you provide an introduction service in Chiang Mai to meet suppliers and shipping companies first.

A: You can get an introduction to suppliers and shipping companies. We charge a 1-day-fee of 3000 Baht (1500 Baht for our service and 1500 Baht for rental fee of car and driver). Our fee of 1500 Baht will get refunded if you order afterwards.