Castle and palace

Equipment for castles and palaces

Furniture and equipment for castles, palaces, mansions, chateaus, exclusive private homes.
Antiquities and new made items (antique style)!

We expose just a few products here on our website. If you are interested in more castle and palace products (e.g. castle furniture) please send us an email and we will give you the opportunity to access a big selection of suitable equipment for your castle, palace, mansion, chateau, or exclusive private home.

We can supply from selected suppliers for example
• Huge wooden tables
• Wooden canons
• Royal teak furniture
• Carved wooden mirror frames
• Antique style wooden boards, sideboards, boxes, dressers, cabinets, room dividers…
• Antique style wood doors
• Antique style beds
• Benches and chairs and royal furniture sets
• Candle holders
• Wooden horses (wood art)
• Steel horses (metal art)

“Custom design” on inquiry
We can even supply custom-made carvings, e.g. crests, frames, railings, bordures, ornaments. Mirror frames, carved furniture, handrails…
My suppliers can make your special piece of furniture with e.g. old Middle Ages style (detailed pictures or drawings and measures are required for that).

Heavy portals and doors

Royal teak furniture

You can select from a huge collection of royal furniture for your palace, castle project, private mansion, restaurant, coffee shop… . Special woodcarvings (custom design) for your furniture is possible. Unique furniture is realizable with our support.

Antique furniture

We have suppliers for a wide range of antique furniture. Just send your inquiry by email and we give you the opportunity to access catalogs.

Antique style furniture

We can supply new made “antique style” heavy wood furniture with our manufacturers.

Special products

Special accessories and equipment for your castle, palace or special project can be provided. We can supply for example wooden cannons, wooden horses (teak art), metal horses (metal art), metal sculptures, custom-made carvings (e.g. crests, frames, railings, bordures, ornaments), mirror frames, carved furniture, handrails…

Huge wood tables

We can supply huge wooden tables for your castle, palace or special project. We can even organize to get custom-design for you. We can supply very big wooden tables and chairs made from different kinds of woods.

You still did not find anything suitable? We have much more samples. Do not hesitate to contact us. Maybe we can realize the special furniture, accessories or equipment for your castle, palace, mansion, exclusive home or project. Just ask by email. Maybe your dream can come true.